December 2, 2010

I recently received an email from someone asking if everything was okay because I don’t seem to be posting as often as I had previously. The email got me thinking about priorities and how they apply to our life here on earth.

When our Son Max was born time became a real treasure in the life of my family. Many of you experience this “tug of war” of responsibilities on a daily basis. In these busy periods of life it is always important to review your priorities so you can budget your time to live the life you are called to. I have been focusing on prayer, family and work because those are the most important priorities in my life.

You should pray about the priorities in your life because when time and attention become limited you need to know where to devote these two treasures.

Here are some thoughts on what our priorities should be:

1. Your own salvation: The number one priority is to grow in your relationship with Jesus and achieve that level of holiness God has called you too. This means prayer, mass, and spiritual growth are not ever optional

2. The Salvation of your family: The number two priority is to bring your family to heaven. Spending time with your spouse and children is never optional.  The Prophet should first share the Lord with his own family through example and words.

3. Practical Responsibilities: If you have a family then God has entrusted those people to you for care and protection. This is an integral part of your vocation. I feel blessed that my wife does not have to work outside the home. I consider this an important part of raising a Holy Family and it is one of the main priorities in my life.

4. Apostolate: It can be hard to subject your apostolate or ministry under the first 3 priorities. Keep firmly in your mind that our responsibilities are first to our own salvation and then to our family. Our apostolate can never be successful if we neglect our own relationship with God and our family.

5. Rest and Recuperation: In order for us to give adequate attention to other priorities we must have time for rest. This is something I really struggle with. I wish I could stay awake all night and work but it will always hurt us in the end if we don’t get the rest we need. Each person needs a different amount of rest but it is important to find what you need really stick to it.

Budget your time and attention for the Glory of God!


3 Responses to “Priorities…”

  1. Brenda Durden said

    May God continue to watch over Max and may He bring him to be what He desires him to be. May God watch over his Mom and Dad and the rest of his family and give them rest and peace. May Max be a blessing to all who come in contact with him. May God strengthen and bless Max’s family and give them the joy of His Presence. And may the Blessed Mother hold Max and may She gently rock him in Her Arms. May the Peace of God permeate the home and permeate all who enter.


  2. Carol Seward said

    Excellent article!!!!!!!

  3. i think everyone you write is a blessing to me,,,being a radical christian ,,,oh!!! how i try so hard,,,can you also give some on marriage,,,,am truly devoted to our lord and my husband is not…thank you so very much,,,GOD bless you and your family

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