Lessons from the Nativity

January 4, 2011

There is great benefit in the spiritual life for those who spend time meditating on the Nativity. We can learn several lessons from those present at the birth of the Christ child. Radical Catholics would do well to take the time to place themselves inside this beautiful scene and learn from our Lord and His Holy Family.

The following are some brief reflections to help you enter into the mystery of the Nativity:

The Silence of Joseph: Once again we learn about the importance of silence. Joseph’s silence throughout the Gospel should remind us of its importance in attaining the degree of holiness meant for us. Joseph had to protect Mary and Jesus from the powers of evil. It was important for him to be a man of silence in order to hear the command of the Lord. If we want to hear God we must be people of great silence.

The Full Surrender of Mary: While Mary’s original Fiat didn’t take place during the Nativity we can’t help but see it in this mystery. We learn the lesson that when we say yes to the God we come closer to His son. We need to live our life as a constant “Yes” in full surrender as Mary did.

The Humility of Baby Jesus: How could anyone read the story of Christ’s Nativity and not realize the importance of Humility? Our Lord, the King of the universe came as a baby. Without humility we will never grow. Learn from Baby Jesus and humble yourself and God will raise you up.

The Shepherds Poverty: Shepherds were poor people and the Angel came to them to announce the good news of the birth of our Lord. The angel did not go to kings or wise men but to poor shepherds. We can only assume that if we strive for poverty of spirit God will endow us with the riches of His grace. We must come to the Lord as poor beggars for His mercy.

The Wise Men’s Conversion: The Gospel of Matthew tells us they “departed by another way.” Isn’t this the same for every true encounter we have with Christ? When we encounter our Lord we experience conversion and we change the direction we are going. We do not go the same way we came. We go a different way. The Wise men remind us of the conversion we all seek when go to the Lord.

Let us make a manger in our heart for the Lord Jesus that he may come into us and teach us His way.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.  Matthew 2:14


One Response to “Lessons from the Nativity”

  1. Bianca said

    Wonderful. Thank you

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