Resolutions for Radicals Catholics

January 5, 2011

During this time of year don’t forget to consider spiritual resolutions along with all your other goals for the year. Here are some you may want to consider:

  1. Weekly confession.
  2. Daily Examination of Conscience.
  3. Daily time for silence and listening.
  4. A strong commitment to fighting those sins you confess over and over again.
  5. Enter the Pro-Life Battle in someway.
  6. Pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  7. Pick one Saint and get to know him better than you ever have.
  8. Fast once a week for spiritual and intercessory benefit.
  9. Pick a Virtue to pray and strive for.
  10. Prayerfully surrender your entire self to Christ each and every day this year.

Make this the year you give your all to strive for Sainthood.

The year of the Lord’s favor… Isaiah 61:2


One Response to “Resolutions for Radicals Catholics”

  1. Bianca said

    Great Resolutions! There not as shallow as alot you hear around this time! Thank you

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