Speechless…Hostility to the Christian way of life is growing

February 12, 2012

For several days now I have sat down at my computer to post about what is going on in this country and I haven’t been able to get any words down. Anger, bewilderment, and  sadness have clouded my thoughts.I have been left speechless…

 I have often thought it was time for Christians to prepare themselves for a heroic and public witness of faith. There is a martyrdom coming. I do not know if it will be a martyrdom of blood and death but we better be ready to stand against an unprecedented hostility. We must pray for our Bishops and Priests to continue to speak out and we must prepare for the consequences.

Everytime I get a chance to hear the news someone says, “this is the most important election of our countries history!” While I believe this  to be true I also know there is only one solution to the real problems our society is facing. God has solved problems like ours before. Not through politics, with money, job markets, media, think tanks or even conservative ideas (although these will help). God solves problems with Saints. We don’t need just one new president we need many new saints.

God is asking you to solve the problems of the country…even the problems of the world! Do not stress about this. You need not worry about plans, programs, organizations politics and big ideas. Holiness is what will change the world. God uses holy people. He needs holy people.

I am disgusted by President Obama’s actions. But a move like this was bound to happen. Darkness cannot parade around as light. We walk as children of light and children of darkness will always try to extnguish us. Bothers and Sisters let us rise against this injustice. Let us fight this growing hostility to a culture of life and a kingdom of God. Let us be Saints…


3 Responses to “Speechless…Hostility to the Christian way of life is growing”

  1. Randall Jackson said

    Well said

  2. Sarah said

    Dave, I just read an article where George Weigel said basically the same thing–I guess great minds really do think alike! : )

  3. Shannon Gormley said

    Thank you for writing this. I could not have said it any better. God bless you and yours!

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