The Devils in the details…4 places the devil may be attacking you you

February 14, 2012

Our adversary will use anything and everything to disrupt God’s plan for our life. God wants to be Lord of every part of our life but so does the Evil One. He may be attacking us in places or details that we would have never suspected. A thorough examination of our life can be helpful to thwart his plans.

The following are five places the Devil may be attacking you:

  • Your Schedule: There are many worthy activities that each of us partake of that can get out of hand and take our attention away from whats important. Sports, finances, television, hobbies, work and friends are all good things that have their place in our life but the Devil can use them to take our eyes away from the prize. We need to make sure that all of these are subjected to our goal: heaven.
  • Your Work: Christian’s live one life. When we die we will be judged by our life here on earth and all things will be brought to light. God must be the Lord of our work life as well. The Devil will always try to convince us that what we do at work doesn’t count in the race to heaven. If we are living an unchristian life at work we are living an unchristian life.
  • Relationships: This may seem obvious. I have met so many Christians who are being held back by unforgiveness. It is common for me to speak with people who bring up past hurts and I can still sense they haven’t fully forgiven. Its one of the only times I ask people if I can pray with them. Its because I know what havoc unforgiveness can cause in someones spiritual life. We sometimes mistakenly think that if we were truly hurt by someone that it entitles us to hold on to that anger. The area of unforgiveness is one of the main ways the Devil is attacking even the most committed Christians.
  • Your Apostolate: Each day I give my apostolate back to the Lord. I want it to be his and not mine. I want His plan for it to be played out and I know the Devil can use even this apostolate to drag me from my Lord. We sometimes get the feeling like if we are doing something good or religious than that means we are doing God’s will. The Devil wants you to believe this because he can use your apostolate against you. If you are not continually, truly and humbly discerning God’s will for your apostolate then the Devil will creep in and use it against you.

Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour… 1 Peter 5:8


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