Have you fallen? Whats your plan?

March 23, 2012

If you are serious about the Christian life then no doubt you have identified those defects that most prevent you from joining God. It usually takes a long battle to rid yourself of these sins so in the mean time you should have a plan for those times when you fall.

  • First thank God for His mercy: The greatest part about personal sin is that God came for the sick. How sad it would be if we didn’t need a God to pursue us and romance us and Father us as children. After sinning throw yourself into God’s mercy and be thankful you have a reason for a savior.
  • Do not focus on yourself: Acknowledge that you and you alone are to blame for this but to beat yourself up about it is a form of pride. Seems strange but it is pride.
  • Look at the situation: What led you to this fall. No doubt there was a progression of temptations given into before you finally fell. Look exactly at the “near occasion of this sin” Learn from the fall and bring good out of evil.
  • Don’t let the Devil use it: Once you have fallen the Devil will throw it in your face and use it to make you feel helpless, shameful and unworthy. Rebuke him and rest in the knowledge of God’s love for His imperfect servants.
  • Prayer of Contrition: Choose a prayer ahead of time. Memorize it and be ready to beg God for His mercy. I use psalm 51. You can use any act of contrition you want but it’s a time to acknowledge our fall and our betrayal of Jesus and beg Him to use this to draw us closer to Him.

Go and sin no more… John 8:11


One Response to “Have you fallen? Whats your plan?”

  1. Sarah said

    Great post, Dave!

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