About the Sinners Guide

The Sinners Guide was started in 2009 as a resource for all those faithful people out there who aren’t satisfied with lukewarmness and want to rise from their tombs of sin and selfishness. It contains reflections, teachings and reminders from the school of prayer and the ancient treasury of spiritual knowledge our Church has to offer.

Simply put The Sinners Guide is about the Consuming Fire that is Our God. He is waiting for us to respond to His call and enter that fire only to have everything that is not of Him be burned up in His love.  Let us enter that fire and not fear getting consumed.


    About the Author

Dave VanVickle is a Catholic speaker and writer. When Dave was just 14 years old the Lord touched his heart in a profound way and since then Dave has been on a mission to remind Catholics around the country about the Universal Call to Holiness and Prayer. He is currently employed by St. Bonaventure’s parish in Pittsburgh, PA, as the Director of Evangelization. Dave has been married to his beautiful wife, Amber, for 4 years. Dave and Amber have 2 boys, Sam who is 3 and Max who is 18 months. 

Contact Me

I welcome suggestions, questions, comments and feedback regarding The Sinners Guide. Feel free to contact me anytime at davevv@thesinnersguide.com

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