Please pray for my son Maximillian Elijah VanVickle. Max was born on August 16th 2010. He was 2 months premature and spent some time in the NICU. When Max was 1 month old he began to have some difficulties and the doctors decided to do an ultra sound of his brain. The ultrsound showed substantial areas of brain damage on both sides of little Max’s brain.On the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows Max’s doctors called us in to tell us that he was at the highest risk for Cerebral Palsy and that crutches and wheel chairs could be in Max’s future. They said there was nothing we could do…

While Amber and I were devastated we knew that what the Doctor’s meant was there was nothing they could do. We on the other hand know that God is a much better healer than the Doctors of this world. We began to pray and ask others to pray for a miracle for baby Max. Throughout the last 16 months of Max’s life we have felt the prayers of family friends constantly. Through out the process we feel we have experienced several miracles. 

While Max is still behind developmentally we have seen amazing changes after finding several “non traditional” treatments. We believe these treatments will not only help Max but that God is using them to heal him! I am sure that finding these treatments have been the miracles we were praying for.

We believe in Miracles and we believe that Max will show us the power of prayer.

Will you pray for Max with us?


4 Responses to “Prayers for Max!”

  1. Anastacia said

    I will keep Max and the family in my daily rosary.

  2. Sarah said

    Max is so beautiful, Dave. I cannot wait to meet him and Sam!!! Praying for you guys!

  3. Rose said

    Blessed Mother Mary, please take over and intercede for a miracle healing for little Max. Amen.

  4. Ana said

    Dave, my daughter is with lift ministries and you tonight. I will pray for Max to be healed every day of my life and you pray for my 18 yr old who went to see you tonight so Jesus touches her heart too. She was at St Mary’s in Holliston,MA. They both have in common our Lady of Sorrows, my daughter’s birthday.

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