And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb

and by the word of their testimony… 

Revelation 12:11

Dave has shared his passion for Jesus Christ in some of the most hostile situations. But whether it was working as a bouncer, talking with people in front of an abortion clinic, or giving a talk or parish mission his message is the same:

A relationship with Jesus makes a real difference in your life. He is calling us out of our tombs no matter what they be made of…He is calling us out of our tombs of sin, selfishness, unforgiveness, secularism, lukewarmness, blindness, boredom and Pride. He is calling us out of our tombs and into a dynamic and passionate relationship with Him. Do not stay in them. Step out into life and see the light. You will never be the same…

Thousands of Christians across the country have heard this passionate message and you can too. Dave is available for talks, retreats, parish missions, youth meetings, RCIA retreats and any occasion where Christians are gathered.

Dave often speaks on Conversion, Spiritual Warfare, The Power of the Holy Spirit, The Saints, Pro-life Issues, The Answer to Atheism, The Universal Call to Holiness and Prayer and Sin. No matter what the topic is you will hear a dynamic and compelling presentation that brings to life the meaning of the Resurrection and the power of the God who answers by fire…

A Message From Dave

When Jesus invited me into this passionate, love relationship with Him he put an unquenchable fire deep within me. This fire constantly pushes me to tell others of this sacred invitation from our Lord. I am not a profound or eloquent speaker. I am certainly not flashy or intellectual. I am no saint, in fact I am a sinner. But I am in love with Jesus and He is desperately in love with me and you. That is the message I will share with you. That is the message that changed my life and it is the message that I pray will change yours. I am ready to come pray and speak with your group. 

The chains of death could not hold Him. He lives and reigns on high…


Booking Information

For availability, scheduling or other inquiries contact Dave at 352-281-2420 or at



Dave is a dynamic and spirit-filled speaker who is not afraid to challenge his audience to live radical lives of faith.  He is a humble man of God who speaks confidently with conviction about the truths of our Catholic faith and the gift that it is to us all.  He does this so beautifully and genuinely because it is the life he himself is living.  He leaves those who he is speaking to longing for and desiring a deeper intimacy with God.

Heather Flynn, Director, LIFT Ministries

Dave is a man of God whose love for the Lord flows out of him in word and deed, with great passion and joy!  Dave speaks the truth in love, helping us to live more intentionally the call to holiness, and to not settle for lives of mediocrity!  Dave’s deep knowledge of the spiritual life enables him to challenge, inspire and counsel others along the path of the great Catholic saints! 

Fr. Matt Williams, Director, Office for the New Evangelization of Youth and Young Adults

Dave has the ability in the way he presents to make each person feel as if he is speaking directly to them.  His insightful examination of conscious moved me and allowed me to really reflect and have a powerful confession.  He speaks God’s truth with candor and humor putting all at ease and open to hear what Jesus is saying to us.  Dave has a gentleness and authenticity which leads him to give the vital message of the Gospels in a way we can relate to in our own lives.  I think of portions of his talks regularly and love his prayer book! 

Kathy Reda

Dave is an incredibly humble and gifted speaker.  His gift lies in the fact that he presents ideas to you in a way that makes you desire to be holy.  He makes it understandable and makes you realize that you can truly move forward in your relationship with God.  Within minutes of Dave’s fist talk on a weekend retreat, I felt like I was being fed…it was like water for a thirsty soul.  Dave’s teachings certainly have had a permanent impact on my spiritual life.

Angelique Bolduc

Thanks for clearly presenting the reality that the Devil has a blueprint for my soul.  He is quite methodical and patient. I foolishly think at times that I’m tempting him, but in actuality, I’m walking into his snare.  I’ll be more aware because of your talk during the LIFT retreat on the Cape.

Steve Hern

Dave has a unique ability to connect real life experience to our relationship with Jesus Christ. His easy going manner engages audiences of all ages and his message about Christ’s love can convict even the most hardened of hears.

Brother Michael Tinker TOR

The talk from Dave was most inspiring because it made me see that I will never be fulfilled unless I give my life to Jesus.

Higschool Jr. Bishop Carroll HS Ebensburg, PA


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  1. Dave, I like your blog site. I welcome you to my daily blog ( My focus is faith in secular culture.

    God bless,

    Br. Robert, C.S.C.

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